How others describe their experience 

"I will try to put into words what this journey meant to me.

When I read Paul's website and clicked on the contact button, I was very surprised at the emotions that came up. A few days later when I clicked that button again, I was again touched. And after the third time, I decided to make an appointment for a Journey into Consciousness.

The journey led by Paul, was a surprise and a very loving experience for me. The way he guided me was so loving and comforting. It helped me relax, surrender and trust what was coming at me. It was an experience I will never forget because it opened and invited me to deepen my relationship with Christ. And also to have more confidence in what was showing itself to me.

Very surprising by the way was, that the inner journey continued to have an effect after the session. Just while I was home alone, i would revisit the experiences from the journey and futher themes and insights revealed themselves to me. What a valueable gift!

I will be forever grateful for this journey with Paul, it really changed my life.

Francijntje, The Netherlands


"I am very thankful for the guidance and support that I received from Paul om my inner journey. I had reached a point in life in which the way forward seemed unclear. The process of letting go of old patterns and convictions was well on itś way. However, I still experienced a sort of obstruction which stopped me going forward. Paul led me through a guided meditation which was an extraordinary experience. This enabled me to access my own inner knowing. I now feel free to live life to the full. 

Thank you Paul for your loving guidance and support."

Mary, The Netherlands


" I approached Paul at a very poignant time in my life. Coming out of a period of shaking all the old fruit off the tree, I was looking for guidance on how to go forward. 

Paul guided me through an extraordinary voyage that led me to my essence, to the guide within. 
Paul created a safe container that allowed me to both take the lead in the process and ask to be led when needed. I received the messages, support and encouragement I needed.

Paul is gentle, sensitive, humble and attentive. I felt cared for by a man of great love and wisdom. It was a very sacred experience. Thank you."

Dympna, France 


" I recently had the great fortune to benefit from Paul’s guided meditation and healing process which was exquisite and profoundly transformative. 

Paul is an incredible intuitive healer, with a unique gift for holding space and activating one’s own guidance system. As such he enabled me to journey safely into my own psyche and access the mysteries and messages that lay there waiting for me in order to receive the specific guidance, understanding and encouragement I most needed at that challenging time in my life - messages that continue to unfold and resonate some four weeks on.

In addition, Paul is a sensitive, kind, detail-focused and highly evolved soul, who through these natural gifts, ensured I was heard, cared for and supported every step of the way, both before, during and after the healing. "

Louisa, Communications Expert. Auckland, New Zealand

“It is truly an honour to humbly assist others in their unfolding and becoming.”

Paul Leahy