Journeys into Consciousness

An expedition into the realms of your consciousness. 

Exploring Consciousness

Embark on an expediton to the realms of your  consciousness.

Together we can go on a guided meditative expedition of discovery into the realms of the subconscious, into realms of consciousness, both individual and universal. 

As with any expedition, we travel to explore the landscape of the inner world with a view to gain insight, realisations and discovery about the workings of the subconscious, the psyche and the nature of human experience. 

Accessing Wisdom

Going to that space where we can access the deep and eternal wisdom that lies within all of us.

Learning to nurture and trust the connection to this wisdom and inner knowing. 

Path Finding

Are you unsure which path forward to take?

Explore the depths of your consciousness in oder to sense and determine which path forward is right for you. 

Dissolving Blockages

Relasing and dissolving blocked emotions and energy that have been residing in the body.  

Achieve a sense or release, relief and lightness as you let go of old ballast and tension from the past. 

Building Self Confidence

Uncover and unlock your sense of self value and self worth.

Learn to embody and unfold into a more confident and centered person. Evolve into a person, who knows how and when to set boundaries, how to practice self care and excerise self love. 

Embrace your Divinity

Would you like to embrace the divine aspects of your being and integrate them into your life?

Learn to allow and accept your alignment with the forces that have birthed all that we know, all that we are and all that is - The Miracle of Creation. 

“A journey into your consciousness, is a journey to the essence of your being. An expedition of discovery to the seat of your Soul”

Paul Leahy